When I went away of this hell called ‘home’, I decided to leave behenid me all my problems. I decided that i would throw towards ahead, that I could overcome all the obstacles that tryied to throw myself to the floor, I decided that I would try to repair my heart with different feelings.

My stay in Swanage was magic, the people i met there saved me and hour after hour I was smiling with more desire. In one week, I thought that my home, that one that I was sharing with three friends, was my new house.

But do you know what surprised more to me? That when I saw you, I was feeling thousands of butterflies in my stomach...but i’ve never talked to you! When you were looking at me I was dying of desire of going there to you and say ‘hi, i’m here’ I exist, and to meet you...
The simple fret of your arm against mine when you wanted to pass, was making my self shake, and when you told me: ‘ I’m sorry’ I was remembering your voice in my mind every second.
I’ll never be able to forget your eyes following my way when I was raising HH’s ramp; with your cigarette in the hand, observing me silently, making me go faster. And when you were walking alone in the beach, and the only think that I wanted was start running towards you, stay by your side saying nothing, to observe you, to try to understand you...¿to love? (you).